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Lush, euphoria-dripped soundscapes, thumping rhythms and a raw untamed energy that just keeps giving. Welcome to the exciting new world of Alexander White, an emerging solo artist from Glasgow, Scotland currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style in synth-drenched bliss as we are taken on a nostalgic thrill ride through the worlds of electronic pop and beyond. He has an uncanny ability to really push boundaries whilst still being accessible to a wide range of people. A classic sound with fresh modern appeal is exactly what he stands for.

The up and coming artist is currently working on his debut album ‘Tenement Turmoil’. This feel-good nostalgia trip is brimming with pop perfect energy and stunning guitar solos. He’s recently put out a single from the project “Quarantine Without You”. This gorgeous track whisks us away through guitar-fuelled soundscape and venomously addictive synth lines. His music takes with it the soulful spirit of the industrial landscapes of Glasgow where he grew up and repackages it for a global audience. All whilst juggling themes such as love and politics in the modern age.

Alexander was heavily inspired by the sounds of new wave and hard rock throughout the 80’s, throwing in a little bit of progressive music and metal for good measure. This timeless sound seeps through in his fresh style that is simply oozing with originality. Picking up the guitar in his early teens and refusing to turn back, with many of his songs including awe-inspiring guitar solos that pay tribute to this early legacy. His contemporary sound blurs the line between traditional pop and modern electronica, as he continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the genre…..

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